1st Annual Port Lambton Pirates Peewee Tournament, News (Port Lambton Pirates)

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Jun 07, 2019 | BantamOBA2021 | 784 views
1st Annual Port Lambton Pirates Peewee Tournament
Friday Game Results:

Game 1 Alvinston VS Port Lambton
Final Score Port Lambton 13 Alvinston 1
Pitch Counts
Port Lambton:
D. Bunda #66 Total 75 Pitches
B. Kelly #19 Total 82 Pitches
R. Stevens #8 Total 48 Pitches

Game 2 Sarnia VS Corunna
Final Score Sarnia 8 Corunna 2
Pitch Counts
C. Bendo #15 Total 77 Pitches
Z. Winklemier #25 Total 14 Pitches
W. Greer #18 Total 50 Pitches
R. Stewart #12 Total 51 Pitches
J. Johnston #24 Total 16 Pitches

Game 3 Alvinston VS Blenheim
Final Score Alvinston 9 Blenheim 7
Pitch Counts
H. Duncan #16 Total 53 Pitches
E. VanGorp #14 Total 32 Pitches
K.Hodgins #12 Total 51 Pitches
A. Groening #11 Total 52 Pitches

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