Registration Costs / Information (Port Lambton Pirates)

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Registration Costs & Information

2024 Season


2024 Season Fees

Online registration for the 2024 Pirates season is now OPEN

Late Fee is now in effect
*Excluding T-Ball & U22

Once you have completed the online registration, please follow instructions on the online form to make payment using e-transfer at [email protected] 

You are NOT considered registered until payment is complete

 Player Division
(Birth Year)
 Registration Fees
Prior to November 30th, 2023

Registration Fees
After December 1st, 2023
 T-Ball / Instructional
2019 - 2021
$30.00   $30.00
 9U Boys / Co-ed Hardball
2015- 2018
$150.00 *Includes OBA / tryout fee $225.00 
 11U Boys / Co-ed Hardball
2013 - 2014
 $180.00 *Includes OBA / tryout fee  $255.00
 13U Boys / Co-ed Hardball
2011- 2012
$180.00 *Includes OBA / tryout fee  $255.00
 15U Boys / Co-ed Hardball
2009 - 2010
 $200.00 *Includes OBA / tryout fee  $275.00
 16U Boys / Co-ed Hardball
$200.00 *Includes OBA / tryout fee   $275.00
18U Boys / Co-ed Hardball
$200.00  *Includes OBA / tryout fee  $275.00
 22U Boys / Co-ed Hardball
$200.00 *Includes OBA / tryout fee $275.00
 9U Girls Softball
2015 - 2018
$110.00   $185.00
 11U Girls Softball
2013 - 2014
 $130.00  $205.00
13U  Girls Softball
2011 - 2012
$130.00  $205.00
 15U Girls Softball
2009 - 2010

 $130.00 $205.00


T-Ball / Instructional
To qualify for registration the player must be 4 years old or turning 4 the calendar year of that baseball season as well at time of registration the player shall not be any older than 6 years old. This age requirement is for the children's safety which is our highest priority. To make Instructional / T-Ball successful and at such a low cost to register we depend on all parents volunteer help during the season to operate. We appreciate your understanding and your help.

Refund Administration Fee

There will be a $25.00 non-refundable administration fee deducted from any registration fee if the player decides not to play. 

Online 50/50

Port Lambton Athletic Association is hosting an online 50/50 for Gala Days 2024 (this will be in place of the 50/50 tickets that players have received in the past with registration).

Mandatory Volunteer Hours

Every family registered with PLAA will be required to submit a $100.00 volunteer cheque post dated for September 1, 2024. Cheques are to be made payable to Port Lambton Athletic Association. You will receive your cheque back once you complete 2-4 volunteer hours. 

* If you cannot provide a cheque and you do not complete you 2-4 hours, the $100.00 fee will be added to your 2025 registration costs. 

To offer these community programs at such a minimal cost, it is imperative to have your support and help. All parents/guardians will be required to complete 2-4 hours of volunteer service per family in the below noted areas. Upon completion of these hours & your uniform returned your cheque will be returned, if the hours are not completed your cheque will be cashed.

The volunteer opportunities listed below, are the only ones that hours will be recognized:

- Head Coach / Assistant Coach / Team Manager
- Tournament Convenor / Helper
- Working in the concession booth
- Gala Days (helper / setup / takedown)
- Park and Diamond Maintenance
- PLAA Executive/board Member

* Game changer, score keeping and pitch counts are considered team responsibilities. These are not recognized volunteer hours. 

Miscellaneous Fees

Additional tournaments and activities organized by individual teams may require additional fees throughout the season.